Harry Potter London Tour, Free London walks, Treasure Hunts. - This tour of the Harry Potter London film locations is mapped out as a free London walks and Treasure Hunt for parents and children.
About the Harry Potter Tour of London. - A little bit about how I came to write the Harry Poltter Tour of London.
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Harry Potter Film Locations - London Gallery. - Our picture gallery showing the Harry Potter London film locations.
Harry Potter In London - A Free Tour - A free self-guided tour around the Harry Potter sites in London..
Harry Potter London Film Locations. - Your tour of the Harry Potter film locations in London follows the knight bus over Blackfriars Bridge to the Leaky Cauldron.
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Harry Potter London Walking Tour - News - All the latest news on our Harry Potter Tour of London. Check this page for any changes or announcements.
Harry Potter - Locations in London - The final section of the Harry Potter London walks takes you to King's Cross to stand by Platform Nine-and-Three-Quarters.
Harry Potter London Tour. - The Harry Potter London Tour continues over Westminster Bridge to Lambeth Bridge over which the Knight bus drove.
The Harry Potter London walk - Our Harry Potter London walk continues to one of the locations of Diagon Alley.
Harry Potter Quiz Answers. - The answers to the questions on the Harry Potter Tour Quiz and Treasure Hunt.
Harry Potter Tour - Gringotts Bank - This is a Harry Potter Tour of the locations used in the various Harry Potter films.
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Haryy Potter Video Tour of London - A video tour of the various locations around London that have been used in the Harry Potter films.
Harry Potter Tours - Covent Garden. - Harry Potter Tours our a great way to discover the capital's fascinating places and visit the real Diagon Alley.
Harry Potter London Walking Tour - The Harry Potter London Tour continues with a walk along the street down which Mr Weasley and Harry walk to the phone box that takes them to the Ministry of Magic.
Harry Potter - Walkthrough - The Harry Potter film locations walkthrough takes you over London Bridge to the film location fo Diagon Alley and another Leaky Cauldron.
Free London walks, Harry Potter Tour, London Sightseeing - You can now download our Harry Potter London walk as a PDF file.
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A Private Harry Potter Tour. - You can, if you wish, hire your own private guide to take you and your family around the Harry Potter London Locations..
Hunting For Monsters In Spitalfields - Spitalfields is a really quirky quarter of London and now, with local street art appearing everywhere, you can enjoy a monster hunt through its streets..
London Tours Treasure Hunt. - Your London treasure hunt continues to a location from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol and to the Sherlock Holmes Pub.